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Human in the Loop Systems Lab
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Email :  mostafag  (at)  buffalo  (dot)  edu
Office :  224 Bell Hall, UB North Campus
Mostafa Ghobadi
PhD Candidate
Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
University at Buffalo, State University of New York

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Persia Humanoid Robot
Simulation of dynamics and control of complex systems
- Modeling and simulation of the multibody dynamics as well as a realistic contact model of the foot-ground interactions of bipedal robots equipped with sensors and actuators.
- Optimization of the parameters of a proposed 2D and 3D trajectory planning for a stable walking based on ZMP criteria.
Software Development and GUI design
Implementation of an application with a synchronized multi-threaded structure equipped with a functional GUI for execution of multiple tasks in paralell such as real-time motion control loop, communication between sever and the robot using UDP protocal, performing machine vision and artificial inteligence algorithms to make appropriate decisions based on the percepted states.
Implementation of stable walking trajectory on the robot
- Conceptual and detailed design of the robot in three months and manufacturing of the robot in three months
- After
only two weeks from the day assembled, the robot could stably walk!
CAD Model and Manufacturing
The robot was designed via sheet metal modeling of Autodesk Inventor. The flatted surface models were then exported and used for laser cutting of aluminum sheets with 2 mm thickness. The folding process was performed afterwars and finally the parts, actuators and sensors are assembled and the robot was build up.
Dry Air Leakage Test System
Design, manufacturing  software development ; a precise dry-air leakage measurement device for product certification of automotive industry parts such as engine oil pans
The control desk and the air isolator unit are desigened by sheet metal and weldment modeling of Autodesk Inventor and the part are assembled and welded after being cut. A PC-based automation strategy is followed, a multi-threaded application is developed by visual c++ to synchronously interact with the GUI input/ouputs and timely open/close the Hydraulic and Pneumatic valves and measure the pressure and proximity sensors. A 16 DAQ card from TI and a high precision Honeywell sensor are used in this project to enable the system to measure very small air leakage of 0.1 cc (at 2 bar and 27° C) in 10 sec.
Multi-axis Motion Control Cards
Control & Robotics Apparatus
PLC Dauther Cards (Profibus DP Interface + Aanalog and Digital I/O)
PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Apparatus for DNA Ammplification
Specialized Machinary to manufacture helicopter's Vertical Pitch Link from wire-resin composite
Professional Experiences