Mostafa Ghobadi
PhD Candidate
Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Human in the Loop Systems Lab
    I am a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering Department of University at Buffalo, SUNY. Since 2013 that I joined HILS (Human In the Loop Systems) laboratory, I've been working on Biomedical and Neurological Signal Processing, Activity Recognition, and System Identification.
    I have gleaned a lot of research experiences as well as many hands-on technical skills such as software development and mechatronics expertise picked up throughout various practical projects I've been involved in so far.
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Welcome to my webpage
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Email :  mostafag  (at)  buffalo  (dot)  edu
Office :  224 Bell Hall, UB North Campus
Research Interests
- Human Gait Analysis based on Signal Processing of Inertial Sensors Data
- Output-only System Identification of Mechanical and Biological Models
- Causality Analysis of Brain Signals
- Human Robot Interaction
- Modeling and Control of Stability of Human Walking Models

Professional Qualifications
- Software Development (C++, C#) such as GUI, Hardware Control Interface, Data Logging and Visualization, DLL, SDK
- Math/Scientific Programming (Matlab, Mathematica, Python)
- Simulation of Complex Physical Systems ( Modelica based Simulators such as Dymola and MapleSim, Mathwork Simulink)
- Computer-aided Design and Manufacturing of Mechanical Systems (Autodesk Inventor, PTC Creo)
- PCB Design (Altium Designer) and Firmware Programming (Keil) of Electronic Devices based on Micro-controllers (ARM, AVR)
- System Debugging (Detecting Hardware and Software Bugs)
- Technical, Project, and Team Management

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