Mostafa Ghobadi
PhD Candidate
Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Human in the Loop Systems Lab
    I am a PhD candidate at Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department of University at Buffalo, SUNY. Since 2013 that I joined HILS (Human In the Loop Systems) laboratory, I've been working on  Signal Processing, Sensor Fusion, Activity Recognition, and System Identification of Biomedical and Neurological and Mechanical Systems.
    I have gleaned lots of research experiences as well as many hands-on technical skills such as software development and mechatronics expertise throughout various practical projects I've been involved in .
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Email :  mostafag  (at)  buffalo  (dot)  edu
Office :  224 Bell Hall, UB North Campus

Research Interests
- Stochastic Filtering and Sensor Fusion
- Human Activity Analysis and Perception
- Modeling, System Identification, Causality Analysis of Mechanical, Biological and Neurological Systems
- Human Robot Interaction
- Modeling and Stability Control of Human Movements

Professional Qualifications (click for more details)
- Software Development; OOP, proficient in C, C++, C\# under Win (VC) & Linux (Qt) e.g. Real-time Hardware Control, Data Logging &
   Monitoring, API & SDK Development, Multi-Threading & Synchronization, GUI Design, Networking (UDP, TCP, Profibus), Database
   (SQL) and Interfaces (Dll, SO, Lib, O, .NET Assembly, ActiveX).
- Math/Scientific Programming Languages (Matlab m-code, Python, Mathematica)
- Control & Robotics (Kinematics, Dynamics, Manipulation, Force Control), Stochastic Filtering & Sensor Fusion (EKF, UKF, PF, SLAM),
  Machine Vision &  Machine Learning (Feature Extraction, Pattern Recognition, CNN) - ROS, OpenCV
- Simulation of Complex Systems (Mathwork Simulink, Dymola & Modelica, V-REP, MapleSim)
- Mathematical Modeling and System Identification, Bayesian Inference, Advanced Linear Algebra, Linear and Nonlinear Systems and
   Control Theory, Classical and Heuristic Optimization (GA, PS, AC, ... )
- E-circuit Design (Altium Designer) and Embeded Software (Firmware) Development (Keil uVision, CodeVisionAVR) of Electronic Devices
   based on microcontrollers (Phillips ARM, Atmel ARM & AVR, MicoChip PIC).
- Automation softwares such as PLC programming (Siemens SIMATIC S7 plus PLCSIM), modeling & simulation (ABB RobotStudio, Festo
  FluidDraw & Fluidsim) & product development (Delcom PowerMill, GCode)
- Computer-aided Design and Simulation of Mechanical Systems (Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk AutoCAD, PTC Creo Parametric & Simulate,
  Dassault Solidworks, ANSYS)
- System Debugging (Detecting Hardware and Software Bugs)
- Technical, Project, and Team Management

Professional Experience (click for more details and projects)
Persia Humanoid Robot
Simulation of dynamics and control of complex systems
- Modeling and simulation of the multibody dynamics as well as a realistic contact model of the foot-ground interactions of bipedal robots equipped with sensors and actuators.
- Optimization of the parameters of a proposed 2D and 3D trajectory planning for a stable walking based on ZMP criteria.
Implementation of stable walking trajectory on the robot
- Conceptual and detailed design of the robot in three months and manufacturing of the robot in three months
- After
only two weeks from the day assembled, the robot could stably walk!
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