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Moonis Javed

Software Developer | Data Scientist

About Me

Computer Science graduate, seeking employment opportunities in the field of Software Development and Data Science. With an extensive well-rounded experience at 2 fast-paced startups i.e. Tracxn & Innovaccer.

Currently I'm working as a Graduate Student Assistant at the University at Buffalo Information Security Office. My work includes network flow visualization and analytics along with anomaly detection in network using Machine Learning Models.

Apart from developing cutting-edge, robust software solutions for companies to scale effectively, I also have successful projects in the field of Machine Learning.

Latest Projects

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Question Answering System Based on Twitter Data

Developed a Question Answering System based on Twitter Data as a graduate course requirement for Information Retrieval. Used natural language processing to extract relations which are used to answer questions.

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MultiThreaded Web Server

Developed a multithreaded web server in C based on the Apache Logging System. The server can be run on n+2 threads where n is the number specified by the user. It works on concurrent lock model and ensures consistency. The server also has two types of scheduling i.e. FCFS [default] and SJF.

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Simple DynamoDB on Android With Replication and Fault Tolerance

Developed an Android Messenger which implements simple Dynamo DB along with fault tolerance and replication. Uses content provider and basic multicast for messaging. Recovering Device can quickly sync with its negihbours to get the missing data

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Other Projects

Optical Character Recognition for Hindi Language using Neural Network

Developed an Optical Character Recognition for Hindi language using backpropagation neural network in Python.

Classifying Ephemeral vs. Long Lasting Content on the Web

Applied techniques of Machine Learning in Python to build a classifier that is best capable of predicting if a website would be short-lived (ephemeral) or long-lived (evergreen) based on its content.

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MoviePie, Web Application Open Source

Developed a Facebook Web Application that allowed user to rate and comment on Movies and share with friends at KRDS 24-Hour Hackathon.
Written in PHP using TMDB and FB API

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Work Experience

Graduate Student Assistant - University at Buffalo Information Security Office (January, 2017 - Present)

Looked after the network ingestion pipeline.
Created storage and visualization of network flow using ElasticSearch, Kibana and Logstash
Working on anomaly detection in networks using Machine Learning

Software Engineer - Tracxn (March, 2016 - May, 2016)

Looked after the backend of the platform and created massive online data mining models to crawl startups based on their online presence.
Created a name domain crawler which gathered all the newly registered,deleted domains thereby enabling ~1 Million domains addition to the database everyday.
Optimised database queries thereby reducing the required servers to handle daily load

Decision Scientist - Innovaccer (July, 2015 - Feb, 2016)

Created decision based models for various clients using Natural Language Processing and Statistical Machine Learning.
Major Contributor of Datashop Lens [Retail Performance Tracking Responsive Dashboard]

Google Summer of Code 2014 Student Developer - CERN-SFT (May, 2014 - Oct, 2014)

Developed a SixDesk library in Python to manage SixTrack Simulations using local client database (SQLite) and a centralized database (MySQL) replacing the existing mechanism which uses shared filesystem (OpenAFS)
Reduced the overall space consumption on disk by more than 60%.

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