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  My name is Montana Queen.  I am a freshman at the University at Buffalo and am majoring in Computer Science. I am from Long Island, the little fish-shaped land mass under New York, so I have to live on campus.  Even though I am far from home, I still enjoy myself and my time at UB.
  I chose to major in Computer Science for several reasons. My first dream was to major in Game Design, so I thought I would teach myself a few things early on.  I enjoyed writing the script for all the events to be triggered by the player, the graphic animations to move on cue, and the such, but I realized there was much more I wanted to do; Web Design also fascinated me, as well as the many different programming languages.  So, I decided to get a small dose of everything by majoring in Computer Science.  So far, I am enjoying HTML the most, since web design was one of the things I wanted to do the most.  Despite this, that's not what I wan't me career to be, because how can I make a steady income off of building websites?  It would make a better side job rather than as a main career.  Even in my free time though, I brainstorm ideas for small games for mobile devices, or even an entire RPG with simple graphics for the computer.

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