Current Research Interests

  • Wireless communication and networking, specifically electromagnetic nanonetworks in the optical (100-600 THz) and Terahertz-band (0.1-10 THz) frequency ranges, including design of metallic plasmonic nano-antennas, semiconductor nano-transceivers (e.g., sources, detectors, modula-tors), optical and Terahertz-band propagation and channel modeling and multi-physics finite difference method simulation. 

Research Experiences

  • Proposed, designed, modeled and evaluated plasmonic-based nano-antennas for Nanoscale Optical Communication (NSO) Analytical theoretical modeling, numerical modeling with MATLAB and Finite Element Methods (FEM). 
  • Designed, modeled and analyzed different semiconductor (e.g., InGaAs) photodiode and photo transistor detectors for NSO Analytical and theoretical modeling, numerical modeling with FEM.
  • Designed and analyzed an on-chip THz source based on the Dyakonov-Shur principle Numerical results with an in-house developed multi-physics simulation platform for joint electron transport and electromagnetic simulations.
  • Propagation and channel modeling for electromagnetic nanonetworks Theoretically developed and numerically analyzed the first channel model for on-chip wireless optical communication for massive multi-core networks on chip Devised hybrid wired/wireless optical on chip communication strategies.
  • Involved in the design, modeling and testing of novel nanophotonic brain machine interfaces.