Current Research Interests

My Ph.D. research has been focused on device technologies for Electromagnetic Nanonetworks at THz, Infra red (IR) and visible optical (VO) Frequencies which include the following:

  • On-chip THz source for Ultra-broadband Communications (based on HEMT transistor)
    • Designed, modeled and analyzed an on-chip hybrid graphene/semiconductor plasmonic.
    • Developed an in-house platform to jointly simulate electron transport and electromagneticwave phenomena in the time domain (for both AC and DC inputs).
  • Optical plasmonic nano-antennas for nano-bio-sensing applications.
    • Designed, modeled and numerically (through finite-element methods) evaluated the performance of metallic plasmonic nano-antennas for IR and VO frequencies; This include ray tracing and beam envelopes as well.
    • Designed and modeled RF antennas, Receiver and Transmitter (Transceivers).
  • Nano-photo-detector for Nano-bio-sensing Applications.
    • Designed, modeled and numerically analyzed (through finite-element methods) the performance of different semiconductor (e.g., InGaAs) photodiode, phototransistor/detectors (for IR and VO signal detection) and CMOS transistor.
  • On-chip wireless optical communication in massive multi-core architectures.
    • Theoretically developed and numerically analyzed the first channel model for on-chip wireless optical communication for massive multi-core networks on chip.
  • Brain machine nanophotonic interfaces.
    • Investigated the utilization of plasmonic nano-antennas to enable single-cell-precision brain- machine interfaces based on optogenetic principles
  • Propagation and channel modeling for wireless communication networks at THz, IR and VO frequencies.
  • Paper-printed antennas for RF communications among non-intrusive pervasive devices.
  • for more information: UB NANO