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Matthew Almeida
Clement Hall
Buffalo, NY
Web: http://laminar28.edublogs.org/
Email: mmalmeid@buffalo.edu


Entry Paralegal Position


Work Experience

  1. Position: Intern at Orrick,Herrington (OH)
    Date:: Summer 2015

    Filing, E-Discovery, and Excel experience.

  2. Position: Intern at LG, Legal Department (Madrid, Es)
    Date:: Summer 2016

    E-Discovery, worked under a senior Paralegal for much needed experience.

  3. Position:Doorman
    Date:: Winter 2016-2017

    Worked by Central Park in Manhattan, learned good social skills with tennants,


  1. 1. Social skills When working as a doorman I learned great ways on how to communicate with tennants in a proffessional manner. I've also worked in multiple corprate envirements, which greatly increases my skills with people in an appropriate law setting.

    2. Legal Skills I learned multiple e discovery methods from the paralegals I have worked under, they demonstrated multiple uses of available databases.

    3. Excel use In many cases I had to use excel, this has brought my excel skills up to par with most of my coworkers, helping me develop them for future positons.