From Industrial Equipment to Desktop Innovation

Laser Cutters, 3D Printers, Milling Machines and much more!

It is well-known that today’s revolutionaries rapidly change the societal level of technology. From industrial machines to desktops, new machines have increased productivity and creativity in the workplace. According to Dan Shapiro, “your creativity is no longer limited by tools”. Specifically, with laser cutters and 3D laser printers can allow designers to create shapes or objects not normally made by hand. For example, laser cutters use industrial applications to engrave designs or slice through any material given. These cuts being made are practically impossible to make by hand unless someone happens to be a highly skilled artisan. Also, with the advancement of technology, these machines have become more efficient and more popular with schools as well as crafters in their individual trades. On the other hand, using these similar properties as desktop versions would also be beneficial for education purposes and in industrial settings.

From my personal experience, I have found industrial sized laser cutters to be fascinating. I work at Deluxe LaserWorks, a small laser engraving shop in the Village of Depew. Here, you can find three of the industrial sized lasers that are discussed in this article. These laser engravers may be top of the line; however they are very comparable to the desktop versions. In fact, our business has discussed purchasing such a laser to make some of our smaller jobs easier to work with.


Objects That Can be Engraved with Laser Engravers
Wooden Ornaments Wooden Magnets Knives
Flasks Keychains Bottle Openers
Laser Pointers Plastic/Metal Parts Blocks

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About the city of Buffalo

This could be potentially revolutionary for the city of Buffalo. Why you may ask? This will increase productivity and creativity throughout the city. With these desktop machines being available to the general public, signs, displays and parts can now advertise information professionally and artistically. For example, logos for companies can now be printed on different types of material such as plastic, wood, acrylic, and metal.

Here is a Video Demonstrating How a Laser Engraver Works!