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About Me

Hello, my name is Michael Kim.
I am currently a Junior at University at Buffalo studying Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.
Space is a topic that compels me to even further my interest in this field.
I play a wide variety of sports and enjoy listening to music.
I also enjoy

Additional Detailed Information
robots Ion-Thruster barista
  • Robots
  • Cooking
  • Designing Robots
  • Playing Sports
  • Researching on Ion Thrusters
  • Smart Materials
  • Space (Want to know more about Space? Click Here)
  • UFC
  • Sports
  • Watching movies
  • Barista
  • Order Taker
  • Cook
  • Food Preparation

  • Beyond Earth

    "Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World." - Christopher Columbus (1451-1506). Like the old world back in the 1400`s life was rather limited to what was surrounding them. New technological advances brought a new era pushing man kind beyond its borders. The Age of Exploration brought famous pioneers into the new world.[1] As the drive to push further into the unknown territories brings competition between nations on next man to reach space. The Space race [2] pushed people to develop more technology towards Universe. The Universe is comprised of many unknowns that are a mystery to the world. To reach and to obtain the knownledge of the unknown world started all the way back then since before the age of exploration [1]. This lead to development in propulsions systems[3] that ultimately brought the first person outer space. For more information on Space visit Space Wikipedia.
    Outer-Space blackhole


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