Michael Moran


My name is Michael Moran.
I am on the UB wrestling team
I am 5 feet 9 inches tall
My parents names both start with M as well


I am originally from pittsburgh pennsylvania.
Then name of my highschool was shaler area.
The name of our mascot was the titan.

About me

 : :Growing up I played many sports.The first of which was baseball.
Following that I took to the sport of wrestling.And then finally I tried playing football in the 9th grade.
The one i enjoyed the most turned out to be wrestling so I stuck with that and it took me to college.
 : :I was never involved in many other clubs of jobs because sports took up most of my time.
Because of this I was never really guided into the other areas of school activities.

Here are some websites i find useful.
A homepage for looking up wrestling results and rankings
A homepage for making new friends
A homepage for following UB athletics
A homepage for looking up movie times
A homepage for looking up sports score