60+ Inches of Snow in Buffalo

Buffalo, NY Gets Hit With Over 60 Inches of Snow In November

November Snow Totals Recap

Travel Problems

During the week of November 19th, 2014, Buffalo was hit with an insane amount of snow. In the worst hit parts of the city they received OVER 6 feet of snow. This was a huge problem for many people who needed to travel to work. Many people could not even get out of their houses because the snow accumulated higher than their front doors.

snow on the highway snow covers door snow is taller than man


Many schools and workplaces were closed during this snow storm. The fact that many roads were closed made it almost impossible for people to get to work or school. Surprisingly, University at Buffalo was even closed. For the first time in many years the school was completely closed for two days straight.


November 2012 1.05"
November 2013 10"
November 2014 70"+