Michael Dahn's Webpage

Hello, my name is Michael Dahn and this is my webpage.

About me:
As you probably guessed, that is me in the image above. I am a Williamsville North graduate and am currently enrolled at the University at Buffalo. My intended major at this school is computer science and I am enjoying the program very much. Originally however, I had planned to major in Marine biology but after I realized the lack of jobs in the field I quickly switched to computer science.

Outside of school I have multiple hobbies and interests that keep me busy in my spare time. Here are some of them:

Hockey was the first sport I ever played. Although I'm not on a team anymore me and my friends still play pond-hockey during winter at my house.
The Next sport and the one that I stuck with was swimming. I started as a distance swimmer in High School and finished as a sectionals finalist by senior year
As far as hobbies go, fishing is a big one as you could guess from my picture. Along the lines of that I also keep several aquariums.
Lastly, my other hobby is gaming. Not very productive, I know, but its very fun for me. I sometimes livestream what I'm playing to a website called twitch. You can find my channel here: https://www.twitch.tv/that_rather_average_gamer
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