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Research Group News and Updates


I have moved! I am exicted to announce that in August 2017, I joined the faculty at SUNY Buffalo (UB). This is a great opportunity for me to more formalize my integration of high performance computing and data integration in computational geodynamics research. I have a joint appointment at UB in the (a) Department of Geology and (b) Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering Program.

As head of the Geodynamics Research and Visualization Group, I hosted a Panel at UH entitled Women in STEM: Career Choices in Geosciences

My recent Journal of Geodynamics paper is highlighted in joint NIH-DOE-NSF Report on Science Drivers Requiring Capable Exascale High Perfornmance Computing

PhD Student Kirstie Haynie named a Center for Advanced Computing and Data Systems CACDS Fellow


The Fall was busy with conferences; I gave invited talks at both the AGU and GSA National Meetings

PhD student Kirstie Haynie receives Best Poster Award at the Dobrin Lecture hosted by UH

Nicole Pham joins research group for the summer as part of the GLADE program

Postdoc Alberto Carballo joins Geodynamics Research and Visualization Group

PhD student Kirstie Haynie and MSc student Simin Gao Present their Research Proposals!


PhD Student Kirstie Haynie Receives Best Poster Award at GeoPRISMS Meeting

MSc Student Simin Gao joins Geodynamics Research and Visualization Group

EOS Research Spotlight: Overriding Plate's Properties Affect Subduction

PhD Student Wendy Sharples (Monash Uni, co-supervised with L. Moresi) completes her PhD and Moves to Germany to start her new job at the Julich Supercomputing Centre


Postdoc Julia MacDougall joins Geodynamics Research and Visualization Group

PhD Student Kirstie Haynie joins Geodynamics Research and Visualization Group

I start my job as Assistant Professor at the University of Houston and establish the Geodynamics Research and Visualization Group at UH


iSGTW Feature Article: 3D Tectonic Modeling Answers Age-old Geology Question

Research Highlight: Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics Newsletter

NBC News: Mount McKinley-Why the tallest mountain in US is where it is

livescience: US Tallest Mountain's Surprising Location Explained

SIGMA XI SmartBrief Top Story: Computer Models Offer Insight into Mount McKinley's Formation

2012 and earlier

XSEDE: Best Conference Paper and Best Science Paper at XSEDE12

International Innovation Report: Constructing the Costa Rica-Nicaragua Subduction Zone in 3D (Pages 61-63)

Monash University News: 3D Technology to Drive Research Breakthroughs

Nature Editor's Summary: Rapid Action at Subduction Zones

Discovery News Article: Earth's Mantle in Overdrive Under Alaska