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Geodynamics Research and Visualization Lab

Margarete A. Jadamec, Group Lead

In the Geodynamics Research and Visualization Lab, we model the solid-state deformation of the lithosphere and upper mantle, with a focus on plate boundaries. This is accomplished through field work, analytic modeling, large-scale numerical modeling, data assimilation, and scientific data visualization. Research areas are slab-driven mantle flow dynamics, feedbacks between the slab and upper plate, and designing high-resolution 3D models of plate boundary systems. Besides pencil and paper for analytic problem formulation, the lab has (a) 1200-core Dell Linux Cluster, geosolver, shared with the Knepley Computational Science Group and (b) a custom-built 3D immersive virtual reality workspace in Cooke Hall.

I have a joint appointment in the Geology Department and the Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering Program here at UB. I am looking for new graduate students and postdocs! Email me to learn more about research opportunities.