Mitali Vijay Bhiwande 

Don't have dreams, have Goals- Harvey Specter

About ME

Sneak Peek

Hi! I am Mitali, a Computer Science and Engineering Graduate student at the University at Buffalo, SUNY. I am actively looking for Full time opportunities starting January 2018.

Prior to starting my Masters at University at Buffalo, I obtained my undergraduate degree from the University of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India with major in Computer Engineering.

I have been an active member of the Association for Computing Machinery(ACM) for 2 years and Chairperson of local ACM student Chapter for the academic year 2014-2015.

Things I DO

Software Development 

I love developing softwares. I have developed desktop application based on NLP. I have a strong background in object oriented language such as Java, Python and C++. I have also developed static and dynamic User Interfaces using HTML5, CSS, JS, Ajax, MySQL and Php.


As a part of curriculum, I have gained experience on various tools such as Apache Solr, REST and streaming API's, Git, AWS tools, Maven and various Python libraries. A major section of these were implemented as a part of academic projects.

Spare Time

In my free time, I enjoy trying out a new restaurant or cooking a new dish. I love traveling, exploring new places and their cuisines. I am a music enthusiast and a nature lover. I love listening to Coldplay, Indian classics and a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan. :)

My Projects

Topic Summarizer

Sep 2016-Dec 2016

This project involved indexing about 12000 tweets collected over a period of 2 weeks into Apache Solr. The Web App aimed at providing tweet topic Summary using LDA modelling. Graphical analysis depending upon each subtopic was also provided.

Technologies used: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, Twitter API, Wikipedia's API for summary content and Image API. Demo

Circle Detection using Hough Transform
Sep 2016-Dec 2016 

Hough transform for circle detection was implemented using Randomized Circle Detection Algorithm as described in this paper. Two implementations, one using accumulator array and other using automatic radii detection were carried out.

Technologies used: Python, OpenCV, NumPy

Boolean Retrieval Model

Sep 2016

This project focused on implementing Term At A Time and Document At A Time(TAAT and DAAT)indexing, acquring postings List for each term and retrieving results by perfoming Boolean AND and OR operations on them.

Technologies used: Apache Solr, Java, Lucene Index.

DFT, Edge Detection, Laplacian and Gaussian filters

Oct 2016

Python libraries were used for implementing the discrete fourier transform of an image without using the inbuit funtions. As a part of this project, edge detection in an image was done using Zero crossings, Laplacian of Gaussian(LoG) and Differential of Gaussain(DoG).

Technologies used: Python, OpenCV, NumPy

Recursive Region Merging

Oct 2016 - Nov 2016

In this Image processing project, adjacent pixels ina n image were merged to form regions which were eventually merged together to form objects in an image. Merging of items in an image was carried out based on the homogenity of image pixels.

Technologies used: Python, OpenCV, NumPy

Auto Summarizer Using Text Rank

August 2014 - March 2015

This Java based Desktop Application involved the use of various tools for creating the User Interface. The project relied mainly on NLP techniques and was inspired from Google's text ranking concept. It would go provide the summary for a given input text depending uspon text ranking and number of sentences requested by the user in the summary. It enabled the user to view all the procedures such as stemming, unique words, ranking etc which were carried out to generate the summary.

Technologies used: Java

Contact me


86 Merrimac Street, Upper Unit Buffalo, New York, 14214


+1 (716)398-2956