Mijas Bhattachan


Hi, my name is Mijas Bhattachan and right now I am a freshman at UB. This is my second semester at UB. I was born and raised in Nepal. As of now my major is Accounting because I hope to succeed in the field of accounting. I am taking this course as I used to have a class where they taught us about the basics of programming in high school and right now I would like to know more about computer programming as it will help me gain more experience and knowledge. Besides from studying, I like playing soccer and video games. The team that I support is Chelsea FC and the best video game that I have played so far is The Last Of Us.

Remaining Assignments:

Barclays Premier League Table

Teams Games Played Points
Man.City 7 18
Tottenham 7 17
Arsenal 7 16
Liverpool 7 16

Last updated on 12th October, 2016

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