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Mohammad Hossain

University at Buffalo


My name is Mohammad Hossain. I am currently a freshman here at the University at Buffalo. I am majoring in Aerospace Engineering while also having a variety of interests such as Computer Engineering, Neuroscoence, and Education.

Career Objective:

Aerospace Engineering

Many people throughout my life in highschool has told me that you do not have to be sure about what you want to do when you go to college.
However I believe it is significantly better for one's career as a student if they know what they want to do. I want to focus on being an Engineer focusing in the area of motion of particles in space and a variety of medium. In other words my career goal is to become an Aerospace Engineer.

Educational Background

Syracuse University   lehman College   University at Buffalo

I am currently a freshman here at the University of Buffalo therefore there isn't much to my educational background.
I graduated from Mott Hall V High School as a salutatorian. I have attended Lehman College under the College Now program and took a course in introductory Psychology. I have also attended Syracuse University through the summer college program to take Writing and Media Literacy courses.

Work Experience:

  1. Asssistant Manager at Domino's Pizza Domino's Pizza
  2. Head Manager of Little League Soccer Club
  3. K-12 Tutor for all Math and Sciences


  • Applied Microsoft Office Including Excel
  • Communications and Management
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Basic Coding and HTML Web Designing
  • Extensive Problem Solving