National Science Foundation grant (0705292): SGER: The October 2006 Federal Disaster in Buffalo, NY: An Investigation of First and Second Responder Operations  (with R. Sharman, C.P. Cook-Catone, S. Upadhyaya)  Jan 2007 – Dec 2007. ($30,000) 

UB 2020 Interdisciplinary Research Development Fund (IRDF) "Analyzing Emergency Response Management Systems -- A First Responder Focus". (With R. Sharman, S. Upadhyaya and C. P. Cook-Catone) $22,000, January 1, 2006 – December 30, 2006.

National Science Foundation grant (0548917): SGER: Citizen Centric Analysis of Anti/Counter-Terrorism e-Government Services (with J.K. Lee) Sept 2005 – August 2006. ($50,000) 

National Security Agency: Renewal of Recognition of Center for Excellence in Information Assurance. (With S. Upadhyaya – PI), 2005-2008,.

CISCO Equipment Grant (with Dave Murray and S. Upadhayay), $121,000 July 2005- June 2006.

Department of Defense grant: (with S. Upadhyaya) Sept 2004-Sept 2005, Intrusion Detection and Response, $54,367.

National Science Foundation grant (0420448): ITWF (with S. Bagchi-Sen and S. Upadhyaya), July 2004- August 2006 $297,000

National Science Foundation grant (0452033): (with A. Rensel), Jan 2005- Dec 2005 $7250.

National Science Foundation (UB grant collaboration with ECC-  Information Systems Security Curriculum Development) (with S. Upadhyaya), Sept 2004- August 2007

National Science Foundation grant (0417095): Cybersecurity (with S. Upadhyaya) July 2004- August 2006 $299,900

National Science Foundation grant (0423014): “Workshop on Secure Knowledge Management” (with S. Upadhyaya, CSE) February 2003 – 2004 $8,000.

Fulbright Fellow 2004.

Edtech Grant (with R. Sharman, P. Winkelstein, G. Byrd and S. Updhyaya) Medical Information Systems May  2004-May 2005 $8,000

Candian-American Studies Grant, from the Canada-United States Trade Center, SUNY Buffalo, N.Y, for a project on Outsourcing in Canada, $500, 2003 (with J. Goo and R. Kishore).

Finalist, Teaching Innovation Award, SUNY Buffalo, 2004

Finalist, Teaching Innovation Award, School of Management, SUNY Buffalo, 2003.
Department of Defense grant for the Information Assurance Program at SUNY Buffalo for the year 2002-2004. $230,000(with S. Upadhyaya, CSE).
National Science Foundation Research Grant (with R.Kishore) for  a project on IT Sourcing, 1999-2002. Grant Value $299,000

Microsoft Instructional Lab Grant, 1996, for software products for SOM student use. Grant value - $71,900.

National Science Foundation Research Grant, for a project entitled, "An Information Theoretic Investigation  
of Multi-Agent Resource Allocation", 1996-1997.

CACI Instructional Grant, 1995 for network simulation software for  SOM student use. Grant value - $34,000.

Teaching Grant from the Instructional Technology Services Division, State University of New York, for a project entitled
"Information Technology, Business Data Communications and the World Wide Web", 1995-1996.

-      Canadian Studies Research Grant from the Canadian Embassy,
       Washington D. C. (with S. Rajagopalan and K. Nam), for a
       project entitled, "Telecommunications Network Outsourcing: A
       Canadian Perspective", 1994-1995.

       National Science Foundation Research Initiation Grant, for a
       project entitled "Resource Allocation among Multiple Agents:
       A Decision Theoretic Perspective", 1990-1993.

       University Lily Teaching Fellowship, State University of New
       York, Buffalo, 1992.

       School of Management Summer Research Fellowship  SUNY
       Buffalo, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994.

       School of Management Summer Teaching Fellowship  SUNY
       Buffalo, 1994. 

       Prentice Hall Grant for MIS curriculum development,
       Department of Management Science and Systems, SUNY Buffalo,

       IBM Doctoral Fellowship, Purdue University, 1983-84

       Krannert Thesis Fellowship, Krannert School of Management, Purdue
       University, 1985-86

       David Ross Summer Fellowship, Purdue University, 1985

       Ponder Fellowship, University of Iowa, 1982


-      Distinguished Paper Award, Production and Operations Management Track
       of the Midwest Business Administration Association, Chicago, 1988.

*      Faculty Development Award, New York State/UUP Professional
       Development Program, 1987/1988/1993/1994. 

       Experienced Faculty Travel Award, New York State/UUP Professional
       Development Program 1990/1991.