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Three years ago, I was a junior in Industrial Engineering at Sharif University of Technology (Iran), constantly thinking what my true incentive in life was. After a year spent struggling myself and spending time on many projects, from volunteering at autistic children help center to working as a sub at middle schools, I found out that it is the human being that matters the most to me. One year later, I started studying Human factors engineering at SUNY Buffalo to learn academic techniques to help people live better.


Currently, I am working as a Graduate Research Assistant on the spread of health related behaviors in social networks under supervision of Dr. Lora Cavuoto. My major areas of interests are: Healthcare & Wellness and Biomechanics Studies regarding Special Populations. Feel free to contact me if you are also interested in these areas and think we can collaborate.


Bachelor of Science

Industrial Engineering, Sharif University


Executive Management, Tehran University- Left

Current- Graduate Research assistant

Human Factors Engineering, SUNY at Buffalo