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FALL, 1997

BCH 413/513

Molecular Evolution

 PREREQUISITE: General Biochemistry plus permission of the instructor.

 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Michael D. Garrick


413: 398316

513: 437154


Fridays, starting September 12, 1997

1:30 P.M., Farber 96

2:30 P.M. Cary 231

Course Description


3 Credit Hours - Analysis of molecular evolution involves comparing DNA sequences, generating protein sequences from DNA or RNA sequences, comparing protein sequences, generating phylogenies (trees) and estimating time scales. Students will be introduced to each of these topics, including the application of computers to the analyses. After a series of lectures and demonstrations, each student may present at least one seminar to the class and carry out at least one project which requires the use of a computer to complete.

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140 Farber Hall, Department of Biochemistry, Buffalo, NY 14214-3000
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Michael Garrick


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