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Mary Jane Gallo

I have been a secretary forever. I am one of those baby boomers who decided to go back to school to get a BA degree. Since I have only a high school degree, the thought of going to college for the next 10 years was overwhelming. I decided to reach for a more obtainable goal, taking a Certificate Program. This is my first crack at anything on the Internet besides surfing.

When I started night classes at MFC I also got involved in the Millard Fillmore College Student Association. I was elected President this year. Our website can be viewed at Millard Fillmore College Student Association.

I was primary caregiver to my Mom who had Alzheimers. Because of this, I have also become a volunteer for the Alzheimers Association. I help on fund raisers.

My current goal is to walk away from this course knowing how to design a web page. My long range goal is to receive a degree before I retire!

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