Madeleine Friedman

My name is Madeleine Friedman. I am a freshman at the University at Buffalo. My major is Speech and Hearing Sciences. I am taking a number of interesting classes this semester, including American Sign Language (ASL). Email Emily Glenn-Smith if you are interested in learning ASL!

I am dorming on campus, but at home, my family has a number of pets. We own five cats and one dog. The cats' names are Molly, Shadow, Bella, Bogart and Max. The dog's name is Penelope, Penny for short. She only has three legs! She is a therapy dog and comes here, to UB for visits for student stress relief days.

Some of my favorites...

Book SeriesTV ShowsColorsFoods/Drinks
Stephanie Plum SeriesThis Is UsPurpleCran-Apple Juice
Womens Murder Club SeriesTimelessPinkMashed Potatoes
Maximum Ride SeriesThe GoldbergsTurquoiseSmartfood Popcorn