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Dr. Reynard's Groups
1998Fall Group 1998 Fall
They seem to be enjoying themselves.
Tim Corvino, Charmaine Gregory, Steve Kam, Kevin Pigos, Ryan Bourne, David Tebbs, Suzette Kennedy

1999 Spring Group 1999 Spring
These guys are a little suspicious, but at least Michael's hair is in place
Aaron Guyer, David Piccioni, Jeanette Figueroa, Michael Duff-Raffaele, Sarina Bax, Christopher Werth, Kristin Clark, Ramona MaLossi, Barbara Greenberg

1999 Fall Group 1999 Fall
Last semester it was a job getting the group to pose. Kristen and Michael couldn't seem to get their hair right. This group is much more cooperative. It is also only 7 people - don't tell Ettinger.
Front: Melanie Gervacio, Junda Woo
Rear: Christopher Foresto, Antoinette Alonzo, Robert Wong, Darianne Elliott, and George Figueroa
2000 Spring Group 2000 Spring
This group appears to be good, but we got off to a bad start on day one when we found out that Dr. Brownie's group had been scheduled for the same room in BRB as we were. We deferred to Dr. Brownie on the basis of age and met in the Atrium for our first session.
Left to right: Hanna Choe, Robert Ramsdell, Uchendu Azodo, Nazaneen Grant, David Kim, Suzie Ariyatana, Matthew Carlin, Samantha Easley