Md Fahad Hossain

Hi! My name is Fahad. I am an international student studying General Management with focus on Management Informations Systems here at University at Buffalo (UB). I am currently in my final year and am also enlisting in the US army reserves at the same time. Ever since my sophomore year in high school, a major portion of my week is spent working various part time jobs. Over the years, I have successfully worked as a Samsung laptop promoter, a retail associate, as a cashier, a Jamba Juice maker, a UB campus tour guide, as a school photographer and even went on to run my own freelance business in photography. I wish to continue working in my field of study once I graduate and acquire a masters degree as well while continuing to be a freelance photographer. In the long run, I wish to open my own business either in MIS or in photography and reach the highest potential achievable.

So far I have acquired excellent time management skills by having multiple part time jobs at the same time during an academic year. I have also been part of various international clubs and organizations and volunteer biannually in the international office to enhance my leadership skills.

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