Stroke Rehab System

The 'Stroke Rehab System' consists of an Android smart phone, Android watch, and 3-D printed cup. The system consists of several exercises that are tracked by a Smart Phone placed in the 3D printed cup. Users use the Android watch to interact with the smart phone and receive visual feedback. During the exercise user’s movements are analyzed for shake count and strength. We hope this rehabilitation system can be a strong substitute for other leading rehab devices, due to its ability to record workout sessions and provide feedback.

Interactive Children’s Book

The 'Interactive Children’s Book' is a book that narrates and provides animated illustrations for childhood education on the circle of life.

Flappy Breath

Flappy Breath is an Android Application used to help people with breathing disorders exercise breathing. Flappy Breath is capable of using a variety of sensors including; Bluetooth microphone, external microphone, internal microphone, and a Bluetooth chest belt. The application uses users breathing as a means to control an in-game object that must dodge incoming objects. The objects position requires users to inhale and exhale at a fixed rate set by the application. For more information, the papers abstract can be found here. Abstract.pdf