Topics, Activities, Reading Assignments, and Due Dates

Writing II ENG 102

Fall  2007




Aug 27- 31 Introduction to the Course, Presentation: The Writing Process: Planning, Interpretation and Analysis. (selected examples from The Everyday Writer) Hogarth etchings (in-class transparency).  First Assignment given (Detailed written directions distributed in class also available at UBLearns, read Writing About a Political Cartoon 156-160 of Current Issues .  Draft for instructor’s comments and grade due Sep 10).


Sep 3 Labor Day holiday observed.


Sep 5-7 Presentation: The Writing Process: Drafting and Revision, Editing (selected examples from The Everyday Writer).


Sep 10 Presentation: Introduction to Argument and Deductive Reasoning, Read: A Philosopher’s View: The Toulmin Model 325-336. 


Sep 12 Discussion (bring discussion cards with questions and comments): A First Amendment Junkie 41-46 and Why the Pledge of Allegiance Should be Revised 47-50.


Sep 14 Discussion (bring discussion cards) Visual Rhetoric: Images as Arguments: The Terror of War and Execution of Viet Cong prisoner 146-47 and Arguments for Analysis: The Boston Photographs 168-173.


Sep 17 Presentation: Writing An Analysis of an Argument read 177-182. Discussion: (read and bring discussion card) An Argument, Its Elements, and a Student’s Analysis of the Argument182-191.


Sep 19 Discussion: (read and bring cards for) Bring Back Flogging 191-193.


Sep 21 Discussion: A Modest Proposal 211-219. Second Assignment given (detailed written directions distributed in class, also available at UBLearns, first draft due Sep 26).


Sep 24 Presentation: Developing an Argument of Your Own, read 221-249. Discussion: (bring cards) Emily Andrew’s student essay, 250-255.


Sep 26 Group workshop: Assignment two (Second draft for instructor’s comments and grade due Oct 3).


Sep 28 Presentation: A Moralist’s View: Ways of Thinking Ethically, read 381-390 and Discussion: (bring cards) Famine, Affluence, and Morality 390-401.


Oct 1 Discussion: (Bring cards, use suggestions from Ways of Thinking Ethically) A Casebook for Critical reading: Should Some Kinds of Speech be Censured?: On Racist Speech 55-59 and Protecting Freedom of Expression on the Campus 60-62.


Oct 3 Discussion: (bring cards) Conspiracy Theories 101,  62-67..


Oct 5-10 Discussion: (bring cards for selected essays and web sites on human genetic engineering (UBLearns/handouts) Third assignment (major research paper) directions distributed and available at UBLearns, first draft due Oct 29.


Oct 10-12 Presentation: Using Sources, Using the Library, Finding Information Online, Evaluating Sources, A Word About Plagiarism, Writing the Paper, Quoting From Sources, Documentation, Student Research Paper In MLA Format, read  257-278 and A Note on Using Visuals in your Own Paper 162-163.


Oct 15-17 Individual conferences (by appointment during class time and office hours): bring self-evaluation (written directions for evaluation distributed in class).


Oct 19-24 Preparation for class debate on genetic engineering. Read: A Forensic View: Oral Presentation and Debate 495-501.


Oct 26 Class Debate.


Oct 29 Group workshop: Assignment three, draft for instructor’s comments and grade due Nov 2.  Assignment four (individual research paper) written directions distributed, also available at UBLearns  (First draft due Nov 5).


Oct 31 Discussion: selected readings from How Free Is The Will of the Individual within Society? (bring cards) Milgram The Perils of Obedience 926.


Nov 2 Discussion: Plato Crito 881.


Nov 5 Group workshop: Assignment four, (draft for instructor’s comments and grade due Nov 9.  Assignment five directions distributed also available at UBLearns (First draft due Nov 14).


Nov 7 Discussion: King Letter From Birmingham Jail 910.  


Nov 9 Discussion: Orwell Shooting an Elephant 895.


Nov 12 Discussion: Stace Is Determinism Inconsistent with Free Will? 902.


Nov 14 Group Workshop: Assignment five (draft for instructor’s comments and grade due Nov 16).


Nov 16 Individual workshop with instructor


Nov 19 Portfolio preparation review.


Nov 21-23 Fall Recess.


Nov 26- Dec 5 Revision workshop and portfolio preparation. (Portfolios collected Dec 7).


Dec 7 Last class.