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I am a mathematics Ph.D. student at University at Buffalo. My mathematical interests include knot theory, topology, geometry, analysis, and logic - but I am also interested in computer science and philosophy.

My hobbies include music, art, writing, and learning something new every day!


M.A. in Mathematics (2015)

University at Buffalo

B.A. in Mathematics (2011)

Franklin and Marshall College
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Rm 139 | Mathematics Building

University at Buffalo

Buffalo | NY | 14260

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MTH309 Introduction to Linear Algebra

MTH241 College Calculus III

Teaching Assistant

MTH432 Introduction to Real Variables II

MTH428 Introduction to Topology II

MTH427 Introduction to Topology I

MTH420 Advanced Linear Algebra

MTH311 Introduction to Higher Mathematics

MTH241 College Calculus III

MTH142 College Calculus II

MTH141 College Calculus I

MTH131 Mathematical Analysis for Business Management

MTH122 Survey of Calculus and Its Applications II

MTH121 Survey of Calculus and Its Applications I

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John Kershner Scholarship (2010, 2011)


Hu, J., Schilder, M., and Yan, X. A Neighbor-Weighted K-Nearest Neighbor Method for Predicting Protein Subnuclear Localizations (Poster Paper). IEEE 1st International Conference on Computational Advances in Bio and Medical Sciences (CCABS'11), pp. 247, Feb 3-. 2011, Orlando, FL, USA.


Graduate Student Association Treasurer

Graduate Student Association Senator (GSA Finance Committee)

Mathematics Tutor

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