Personal page for Marina B. Garcia

Marina and her mom are very close. This is a picture of them together on New Years Eve this year.

Marina's favorite show is Shameless, and her favorite character on the show is Lip Gallagher

This is a list of the order of her favorite characters

  1. Lip Gallagher
  2. Carl Gallagher
  3. Kevin Ball

  4. This is a list of Marina's least favorite chracters

    1. Fiona Gallagher
    2. Debbie Gallagher
    3. Frank Gallagher

Marina has 3 dogs that she loves very much. Her dogs names are (left to right) Bailey, Oreo and Bernie.

Marina just got a puppy last week. He is a 5 week old Yorkie that weighs less than 2lbs. Marina named her puppy Bernie.

Marina named her puppy Bernie after Bernie Sanders.