Hello Everyone, I am Mohamad Azzam!


I am international student at UB. I am a senior completing a B.S in Biomedical Sciences and a B.A in Chemistry.
I believe in the motto ‘Live and let live'.
I see myself as a caring, trustworthy, ambitious and down to earth person.

Our Upcoming Assignments:
  1. Adding Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) to Our Web Pages.
  2. Creating a Table Web Page.
  3. Creating an HTML5/CSS Compliant Web Page.
  4. Adding Special Effects to Our Web Pages.
  5. Creating a Form Web Page.
  6. Creating a Multimedia Web Site.
  7. Creating a JavaScript Web Page.
  8. Adding JavaScript Validation to Our Web Form Page.
  9. HTML5 Wow Me.
  10. Krug Book Essay/Presentation. (Extra credit)