My "Red-White-and-Blue" Page

Last updated: 30-Jul-2008

In this time of political unrest in the world, I have decided to dedicate a section of my web-site for interesting patriotic links and such. If you have anything to share, please forward it to me for consideration.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope that you may visit again sometime soon!

God Bless America!

John Maxwell

Patriotic Links
Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance
Red Skelton, the famous comedian, takes a break from comedy to address each word of the Pledge of Allegiance of our great country. Thought-provoking and timeless, even though the Pledge has changed slightly since he was a youngster. Takes about 5 minutes and is very worthwhile! If anybody has any further info about this clip, I would appreciate hearing from you! For example, the date of broadcast, etc.

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