Madeleine Mathiot

Office: 611 Baldy Hall
Phone: (716) 645-0119

The 'O'odham Texts

(1) The Reminiscenses of Juan Dolores, corrected text.

(2) Texts with audio recording accompanied by:

a) phonetic transcription and literal translation
b) transcription using standard spelling system with free translation and links to grammatical modules

She is currently preparing the following texts:

Children's Stories: (all told by Jose Pancho)

  1. Coyote and the Skunk (PDF)
  2. Coyote and the Turkeys (PDF)
  3. Coyote, the Rabbit, the Bear and the Beatle (PDF)
  4. Coyote and the Quails (PDF)
  5. Coyote, the Cat, the Dog and the Chicken (PDF)

The Creation Myth:

  1. Emergence of the Wine Ceremony (Jose Pancho)
  2. The Eagle Story (Jose Pancho)
  3. The Witch Story (Jose Pancho)
  4. Toa Kuadam 'Oks (Albert Anton)
  5. Emergence of Morning Star and Evening Star (Albert Anton)
  6. The Creation (Albert Anton)
  7. The Mirage Men Shut the Animals in a Cave (Albert Anton)
  8. Death of 'I'itoi and Appearance of the Emergents (Albert Anton)

War Story (Albert Anton)


  • Salt Speech (Albert Anton)
  • War Speech (Albert Anton)
  • Speeches (Jose Moreno)
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