I am taking LIS506 this semester. You can find all my course works and other information on this page.

According to the course syllabus, This course introduces students to key concepts of information technologies that support library and information services.

Topics Covered
I have learned following topics so far:
  • Basic Computer and Computing Concepts
  • Network Technologies
  • WWW and HTML
  • More HTML and CSS
  • IS Development and Website Design
  • Multimedia
  • Programming
  • Databases
  • Database Design: MS Access
  • Introduction to XML
  • Web 2.0 & 3.0
  • Information Retrieval and Search Engines
  • Security, ethics, and privacy
Homework assignments
Here are links to my assignments:
  1. Assignment 1
  2. Assignment 2
  3. Assignment 3
  4. Assignment 4
  5. Assignment 5
Homework assignments
Here are links to my exercises:

HTML Exercises -

  1. Test 2
  2. Test 3
  3. Test 4
  4. Test 5
  5. Test 6

CSS Exercises -

  1. Test 7
  2. Test 8
  3. Test 9
  4. CSS Test 1
  5. CSS Test 2
  6. CSS Test 3

Programming Exercises -

  1. Test 9
  2. Test 10
  3. Test 11
  4. Test 12
  5. Test 13
  6. Test 14
  7. Test 15 - HTML validated version

Database Exercise -

  1. My School Library

XML Exercise -

  1. Collection.xml

Web 2.0 Exercise

  1. Reflections on Web 2.0, 3.0, and beyond
My project is to design and develop a website for a real organization. I to am working with my teammates to create a site for the Friends of Maxwell Memorial Library.
Weekly Final Project Activity
Week Activities
Week 1 Understand the requirement, find a project team.
Week 2-4 Look for a client
Week 5 Discuss team collaboration issues
Week 6 Discuss project plan, choose a client and project manager, and start to work.
Week 7 Present project plan to the class and provide feedback.
Week 8 Solicit information needs from the client, have the client make the initial requirements for the Website, collect information content, and start to design the website.
Week 9-10 Continue working on the Website, finish the first round of design and development, recruit participants for usability tests.
Week 11 Share with the class your website to solicit feedback and begin usability tests.
Week 12 Revise your design, fix bugs based on the usability test results.
Week 13 Continue to solicit feedback, revise, and prepare Project Presentation.
Week 14 Finalize website and submit final project materials.

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