Math 306 Y

Handbook of Ordinary Differential Equations
This document is a guide to the different types of differential equations and the various strategies needed to solve them.
The document is a work in progress. I will update it throughout the semester as we study different types of differential equations.

Rudimentary Matrix Algebra
This document explains the basics of using matrices to solve systems of linear equations.

Frequently asked questions

What is the point of these documents?
I wanted a summary of how to identify and solve each type of differential equation problem, in order to organize the information that my students need to know for the course.
The documents are not intended to be a replacement textbook; there more like handbooks, "field guides," if you will.
They are intended to be concise and to get to the point quickly, without investigating more onerous details or tangential topics.

Do the sections in the documents correspond to sections in the book?
No. The section numbers in the documents are completely unrelated to the section numbers of the book.

Where did you get the examples from?
Some of them I got from the course textbook. Others (most of them) I just made up.

Are you sure that everything in these documents is correct?
If you think you've found a mistake in the documents, I implore you to let me know by e-mail.

How did you make these visually splendid documents?
LaTeX, of course.

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