Marc P. Guise - Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Marc Guise in the funeral suit

Marc P. Guise

640 Bay Road, Queensbury, New York, 12804 518-743-2331

A student-centered educator who strives to keep course content current, educational technology effective and pedagogy refined. My goal is to provide the best learning experience possible for my students.


Certifications and other Training

Presentations and Awards

  • SUNY Technology Conference, "Engaging the Facebook Generation: The Usefulness of Interactive Monitors in a Classroom", 2010.
  • President's Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2013.

Professional Experience

SUNY Adirondack

  • Instructor of Computer Science, 2005 - 2010.
  • Assistant Professor of Computer Science, 2010 - Present.


  • Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Programming. Primary instructional languages include HTML, JavaScript, C++, C#, Java, Visual Basic.Net and 8086 Assembly.
  • Hardware and software classes for End User Support coursework.
  • Productivity software classes including Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.
  • Internet Development. Includes JavaScript, CSS and HTML 5.
  • Primary instructor: Topics in Computing. Topics is a broad overview of many of the important areas in the field of computing. Sample topics include:
    • Number Systems and Data Representation.
    • Linux, including setting up and administering a virtual server.
    • Circuit design and creation using including algebra and Karnaugh map reductions.
    • Intro to Assembly Language using a reduced instructional set.
    • Algorithm Analysis and Computational Complexity Theory.
    • Public Key Encryption and Steganography.
  • Computers and Applications, course coordinator. This course is an introduction to computing for open majors.
  • Introduction to Programming in C++, course coordinator.
  • Freshman Seminar, (Introduction to college life), instructor.
  • Supervise End User Support, Business Management and Application Development Information Technology Internship experiences.


  • Responsible for hiring, scheduling, supervision, (including time sheet approval), and evaluation of up to six Computer Science department employees. I am responsible for our Paraprofessional Lab Assistants and Tutors, as well as our student tutors.

Server Administration:

  • Developed and implemented both Linux and Windows virtual servers that host many different sections teaching significantly varied academic content. Responsibilities include, user account creation and removal, backups and instructor support including: SSH and FTP access, Utilization of MySQL and PHP scripts.

Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science division:

  • Created a new Information Security (InfoSec) A.S. transfer degree.
    • Worked with colleagues to create Information Security class.
    • Developed and obtained articulation agreements with
      SUNY Canton, SUNY Polytechnic, Utica College and RIT.
    • Navigated the degree through the campus governance system, the degree is currently SUNY approved and awaiting State Education Department approval.
    • Worked with Marketing to develop advertising materials for the degree.
  • STEM-IT Open House Chairperson, 2014 - 2016.
    • Coordinate STEM faculty presentations.
    • Interface with Marketing and Admissions personnel.
    • Master of ceremonies.
  • Assisted in the Academic Program Review for Computer Science, 2016.
    • Obtained funding for Computer Science Paraprofessional tutors.($7K per annum)
  • Academic Advisor for Computer Science Majors.
    • Contact and meet with students to track their progress.
    • Workup schedules for subsequent semesters.
  • External Reviewer for Clinton Community College's Computer Information Systems Academic Program Review, 2016.
  • Served as the MECS division representative for the SUNY Adirondack Presidential Search Advisory Committee, 2013.
  • Served on various campus wide committees including Assessment, College Technology, and President's Council.

Marist College

  • Adjunct Professor, 2009 - 2010.
    • Instructed Microsoft Office applications at Washington Correctional Facility.

SUNY Adirondack

  • Computer Science Lab Assistant, 2001 - 2004.
    • Introduction to Programming in C++.
    • Intermediate Programming in C++.

General Electric, Industrial Systems

  • Information Systems Programmer intern, 1999 - 2000.
    • Developed systems for the industrial production of capacitors using the Progress 4GL.
    • Provided End User Support remotely as needed.