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Hi, I recently graduated from The State University of New York at Buffalo I completed my undergraduate study in the field of Computer Engineer from NMIMS University. Before pursuing my graduate degree, I got an opportunity to work in Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.(OFSS) as a Software Engineer for almost 3 years (Nov'12-June'15).
I am currently looking for full time opportunity in software development.

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During my Masters I worked as an Application Developer at Roswell Park Cancer Institute where I got the opportunity to do my bit towards helping cancer patients by developing an educational app to log their treatments and and notify them to do the same.
Before pursuing Masters, I have had a professional experience of working as a Software Engineer at Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd. where worked as Java Developer. I have worked on designing and building APIs for transactions performed by financial institutions like fund transfer. Along with this I also worked in WebServices and wrote procedures and SQL queries to extract and populate the data.

Tech Skills

I have a strong knowledge of Object Oriented Programming Concepts, WebServices like SOAP and REST. I enjoy working on the front-end languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery. During my internship, I worked on Angular2, Ionic and NativeScript frameworks. As a part of my projects, I learnt new skills like Hadoop, MapReduce and Apache Solr, which was used to index the tweets in one of the projects. For projects worked on in OFSS Ltd., I added skills like SQL query, Tomcat Server to develop certain functionalities. I also have a working experience in Apache Subversion(SVN), Git, XML, SQLite and TypeScript.


Software Development is my profession. Photography is my hobby. I enjoy clicking pictures, it is just the ability of capturing a moment as it happens with just a single click of a button. The emotions a photograph can throw back at you can be overwhelming at times regardless of technical execution. I also enjoy travelling, exploring new places which in turn nurtures my affinity towards photography. While travelling, I like to relish the local cuisines available.


Hough Circle Detection in an Image

In this project, we had to detect the cirles in an image of coins using Hough Transform. We implemented the algorithms like thinning, thresholding and morphological operations to detect edges of coins of different sizes and remove the spurious pixels. The combination of these algorithms proved to be 100% accurate though the performance was slowed down by the use of a 3D accumulator array. We also implemented the algorithm called Randomized Circle Detection(RCD) given in the paper. This algorithm is faster as it does not use the accumulator array and hence lest space is occupied. However, the accuracy is not 100%.
Python, NumPy, SciPy, OpenCV.

Multilingual Tweet Search Engine

A complete search-based solution in Java for parsing and indexing of a corpus of multi-lingual Tweets (10,000 tweets per language - English, German, French and Russian). Based on the user query, the search engine would retrieve the most relevant data. This model implemented faceted search based on factors like language and location, content tagging and LDA topic modeling and also incorporated language detection and translation both at run time and index time.
Apache SOLR, Java, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Alchemy API

Treatment App for Bladder Cancer

Developed a hybrid mobile application that would help the patients learn about the treatments they were undergoing. The app has illustrative pictures, animations and educational videos about the precautions, side effects and FAQs for the patients. I also implemented local notifications for the patients that would update the timeline of the treatment.
Angular2, Ionic Framework, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, NativeScript.

Communication Channel between Mobile Phone and remote Computer

We built a prototype model to illustrate the different methodologies in which a communication channel can be achieved between a mobile phone and a remote computer.The user wanting to control the remote device will be located in any Wi-Fi hotspot region with a J2ME enabled mobile phone. The remote device will be in any networking environment, either LAN or Wi-Fi or others. International Journal of Computer Science, Information Technology & Security(IJCSITS) published our research paper.
Java, Client-Server Communication, Wireless Communication

Recursive Region Merging

An image processing project to merge adjacent regions. The approach is simple, first merge the adjacent neighboring pixels to form regions and then merge the adjacent regions to form objects. The merging of adjacent regions was done on the basis of homogeneity criteria - gray level internsity of pixels.
Python, NumPy, SciPy, OpenCV

Tweet Analysis for Presidential Elections using R

Elections empower citizens to choose their leader and give the opportunity for equal voice and representation in the government. Thus, the focus of this project was tweets regarding the presidential elections and its candidates. I built an R-Shiny app that performed exploratory data analysis to extract meaningful information from them and sentiment analysis on live and stored tweets collected using Twitter API. Displayed statistically analyzed election data using Tableau graphs.
R, R-Shiny, twitteR, tm-Text Mining sentiment-R.

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