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My name is Maja Alikalfic and I am from Ithaca, New York.
I am a senior at the University at Buffalo studying business.
I hope to gain more experience with web design to help my future career.

Assignment 2: CSS Pages

Three new web pages utilizing inline, external, and embedded styles.

Inline CSS
External CSS
Embedded CSS

Assignment 3: Table Page

Web page that hosts a table with different fonts, sizes and colors.

Table Page

Assignment 4: HTML5/CSS Page

Web page that utilizies HTML5 and CSS, validated by W3c.


Assignment 5: Modified Home Page

Home Page modified to use div tags.

Modified Home Page

Assignment 6: Special Effects Page

Modified Home Page using special effects created by CSS.

Assignment 7: Form Page

Contact form page created by HTML.

Assignment 8: Multimedia Pages

Four web pages with multimedia, audio, video and scrolling.

Assignment 9: JavaScript Page

Using JavaScript to create a web page.

Assignment 10: JavaScript Validation Page

Modified Form Page using JavaScript.

Assignment 11: HTML5 Wow Me! Final

Pages showing off knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript obtained outside of this course<./p>

Maja Alikalfic's Modified Home Page

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