My name is Mike, I'm currently in my junior year at the University at Buffalo.
I'm a business major concentrating in marketing.
I went to Liverpool High School and played soccer growing up my whole life.
Nowadays, I really like to do outdoor activities like hiking and skiing.
If you have any questions feel free to email me at e-mail

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This database was designed to make things run a little more efficiently at Delta Sonic. The way things are currently set up, all paperwork is handled manually which leads to things either being lost or destroyed. By creating a database that handles everything, not only will this keep paper work from being lost but it will also cut down on paper used and wasted within the company. There are two parts to the database, one part that employees have access to where they can put in time off requests, clothing orders, and claim the amount of tips they made, and another part that the managers have access to. This creates a quick and efficient way to input information with the guarantee it will not be lost. Group Website