Mohammad Atif Faiz Afzal

205 Furnas Hall • Buffalo, NY 14260
(716) 262-5115 •


University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
PhD, Chemical and Biological Engineering, GPA: 3.98, Dean’s List

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
BTech, Materials Science and Engineering, First Distinction


Graduate Research Assistant
University at Buffalo, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Advisor: Prof. Johannes Hachmann
Graduate Teaching Assistant
University at Buffalo, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Project Associate
IIT Kanpur, Nanosciences and Nanofabrication Laboratory
Advisor: Prof. Ashutosh Sharma
Undergraduate Research Assistant and Laboratory Coordinator
IIT Kanpur, Biomaterials Processing and Characterization Laboratory
Advisor: Prof. Kantesh Balani




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  7. Summary: 74 citations; h-index: 2; i10-index: 2 (Source: Google Scholar)


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