Tips to survive at

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meow wolf
1.Avoid the gesse

2.Don't break out the winter coat too early...

You'll never be prepared for the real Buffalo cold if this is done too soon

3.Be prepared to feel like you're in high school when walking through NSC between classes

4. If you are actually trying to study in Capen, BOOK A ROOM BEFOREHAND!

5.Get a ticket to every Fall and Spring Fest!

They're ALWAYS a good time and free

6.Find a place to be everyday where you have a good view of the sunset!

Theyre some of the most beautiful sights you will see, and get to see it every single day!

7.Find anything to get involved in.

Whether it's 1 club or 100 clubs, you will make at least 1 new friend.

There are so many connections to be made at UB and you wont believe that until you actually get involved in something

new and exciting

8.Rush AGD

The best sorority on campus

For more information on this, send me some contact details to my e-mail address
or check out the Alpha Gam website to see what Alpha Gamma Delta is all about