Lucy Pannes
1666 Sounthwestern Drive
Lakewood, Ny 14750


To build a career in the legal field of corporate United States.


  • Working on obtaining a BS in Political Science
  • HS Diploma from Southwestern Senior High School

Work Experience

  1. Position: Wegmans ( Wegmans )
    Date:: 2012 - present

    Customer Service positions including:

    • Cashier
    • WKids Daycare Center
    • Produce Fresh Market Team
    • Helping Hands Team

  2. Position: La Rosa's
    Date:: 2016-present

    • Work the front counter by serving customers and managing the cash register.

  3. Position: Nanny
    Date:: 2014-2016

    I was a full time nanny for a family of three children. The job involved:

    • Driving the kids to school, doctors appointments, and sport or music leasons
    • Providing a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
    • Providing fun activities, such as going to the park or beach.
    • Keeping the house clean, clothes washed, and more.
    • Making sure the children were showered, teeth brushed, and clean everyday.

Volunteer Involvement

Year Position Description
2015 - 2016 Volunteered with Gloria J. Parks. A Buffalo community center that furthered the education of children from lower incomes.
2016 - 2017 UB Admissions STARS Team. Worked closely with UB admissions program in assiting with everyday office tasks. As well as, helping run major admissions events.


Year Leadership/Position Description
2015-2016 University at Buffalo's Leadership House Program Thoughout the year long program, I stregthened and developed leadership skills.
2013-2015 Southwestern Senior High School GO Club I founded a club that had high school aged teen girls mentor middle school age girls. We ran activies outside of school time that included: holiday parties, confidence building, accepting others, and more.
2016-2017 UB Womens' Club Basketball Secertary I am in charge of note taking at meetings and relying the information disscussed to other members of the club. I also am in charge of finding our club's volunteering positions.

Extracurricular Invovlement

  1. Member of University at Buffalo's Mock Trial Club

  2. Member of UB's Debate Society

  3. Member of UB's Ski Club


  1. Communication

  2. Hard-working

  3. Leadership

  4. Teamplayer