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245 Park is our main work area. Here we record and prepare auditory materials and run experiments that involve verbal responses. For recording of auditory stimuli we use a small-capsule condenser microphone ("Aries") and a MobilePre USB Preamp for signal amplification and A/D conversion from M-Audio. For digital editing and analysis of speech stimuli and verbal responses we use several software packages such as Praat, Audacity and Peak. (recording room partly shown)


In 240 Park we run most of our studies that involve manual responses such as reaction time, identification and categorization experiments. For the presentation of auditory stimuli we use Sony dynamic stereo headphones MDR-V900. For the measurement of behavioral responses and reaction times as well as verbal response latencies we use several PsyScope Button Boxes manufactured by New Micros, Inc.


Room 243 Park is devoted to eye tracking experiments. We use a desktop-mounted Eye-link 1000 Eye Tracking system from SR Research which allows for high-resolution eye movement recording. The construction and analysis of eye tracking experiments is supported by SR Research's Experiment Builder and DataViewer software packages.

Room 245c

Room 240

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