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The Hungarian Medical Association of America Inc. (HMAA) was established in Cleveland, Ohio in 1968 by a group of physicians who recognized the need for a forum for sharing the Hungarian-American medical heritage, a heritage dating back to Semmelweis which includes Hans Selye, Eszter Kokas, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi and other Hungarian scholars, many of whom have served as honorary Presidents of the Association.

The work of the Association continues to be carried forward by the many distinguished Hungarian-American physicians across the United States and Canada who have earned professional recognition. The HMAA is recognized by the American Medical Association. Yearly Scientific Symposium is held during the last week in October - and is CME credited.

The primary mission of the HMAA is to promote the science of medicine through participative discussions and lectures among members whose professional traditions are rooted in Hungary. Members share and introduce scholarly and technical advances.

The Association also brings Hungarian physicians and scientists into closer contact with friends of the American medical community, and acts as liaison between various American and Hungarian medical societies, foundations, and universities.

In addition, the society is currently engaged in developing closer ties and increased activities with our homeland, as well as with the European-Hungarian physicians.