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Lingnan Ma

Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI)

Univesity of Michigan


One of the most important somatic aberrations, copy number variations (CNVs) in tumor genomes is believed to have a high probability of harboring oncotargets. Detection of somatic CNVs is an essential part of cancer genome sequencing analysis, but the accuracy is usually limited due to various factors. A post-processing procedure including manual review and refinement of CNV segments is sorely needed in practice to achieve better accuracy. cnvCurator is a tool with functions designed to facilitate the process of interactively visualizing and refining somatic CNV calling results.  


The standalone cnvCurator can be downloaded here (33M). Permission to use cnvCurator is granted under the GNU LGPL license.


Click on cnvCurator with demo (801M) to download the cnvCurator with the embedded demo data. After extracting files to a folder, you can start the demo by executing the corresponding shell script:
 - demo.bat (for Windows)
 - demo.sh (for LINUX and MAC OsX)
 - demo.command (for MAC OsX, double-click to start)

Citing cnvCurator

Lingnan Ma, Maochun Qin, Biao Liu, Qiang Hu, Lei Wei, Jianmin Wang and Song Liu (2015). cnvCurator: an interactive visualization and editing tool for somatic copy number variations. BMC Bioinformatics, 2015, 16:331