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Volunteer Work

Food Bank

I did volunteer work at the Food Bank Grounds and at the Food Bank. We collected cans of food from people who wanted a free ticket into the Erie County Fair in exchange for canned goods. Through this I improved my communication with people. We also sorted and cleaned up the cans for the Food Bank. At the Food Bank, I sorted various items from cans to juices to baby food in boxes that were sent out to the people in need. Through this helpful task, I reinforced my standards of a hard work ethic.

Taste of Buffalo

At the taste of Buffalo, I volunteered to help run a smoothie stand. I also talked to many customers who wanted to taste the different flavors of smoothies, and I helped them decide which one they would like best. I also learned how to make the smoothies.

Bunny Egg Hunt

During Easter I helped the Chinese community by wearng a bunny costume. I played with the children as they chased me for eggs, and it demonstrates my leadership in children. I taught the children about easter stories.We had a lot of fun!

Clean Up the Hollow

I helped clean up garbage and weeds throughout the Clarence community. I felt that it was an experience that made me care more for the community as a whole.

Alcohol Awareness

We put stickers on alcoholic beverages warning the dangers of alcohol and drinking. This was to raise awareness in the community about the dangers of drunk driving and the decisions that people make while they are drinking.


  • Clean Up Clarence
  • Library Super Hero Comic
  • Help on Chinese School Performance