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I began to play chess frequently in elementary school and went to many chess competitions. I was one of the top chess players in Gainsville, FL. Nowadays, it is a more casual activity that I often partake in at the library. When my friends and I share the same study hall after a major exam, we often relieve our stress through intense chess playing. Although I do not participate in competitions anymore, I still often partake in chess matches in the library and still enjoy it everyday.


I played piano very often in elementary and middle school. Piano is often a stress reliever for me to vent my emotions into, such as when I had a bad day at school or when I'm overly excited about things. It's a peaceful instrument that brings a lot of joy into my life. The accomplishment of learning how to play a difficult piece masterfully makes me jubilant inside. In the end, playing the piano is a well rounded hobby that I do occasionally to let off some steam or to play some of my favorite songs.


I often read Time Magazine to learn the news of the world and other magazines, such as Reader's Digest. I also read PC World to learn the latest computer hardware that is coming out. Money Magazine is another magazine that I frequently read for the merits of learning how to use my money in the future.


  • The United States Chess Federation (USCF)
  • Buffalo Chinese Youth Club
  • Buffalo Chinese Ski Club
  • Science Club at Clarence High School
  • National Federation of Music Clubs