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Livia A. Slabodkin
198 Capen Blvd
Amherst, NY


Finish undergraduate with a degree in Communication.


Work Experience

  1. Position: DSW Associate (DSW)
    Date: Years ago-present

    Assist cutomers in the store, cash customers out at register and perform tasks to make sure the store is at it's best.

  2. Position: Panera Bread (Panera)
    Date:: Years ago

    Guide customers at the register for their orders, make sure the restaraunt is clean and be as friendly as possible to ensure customers we are their to make their dining expereince great.

  3. Position: Stuffed Chocolate
    Date:: Years ago

    Open/Close the store and assist cutomers.

  4. Position: JCC Babysitter
    Date:: Birth-Years ago

    Watch children while their parent/gaurdian is using the gyms facilities.