Scatterplot comparing actual year events occured vs. estimated

  1. It is appropriate to use the variable "year event occured" as the explanatory variable because that is the true year. The estimated year is what we are comparing to the real year. Because of that, the "estimated year event occured" is the response to the "year event occured"
  2. The scatterplot would be one line if i had guessed the years correctly because there wouldnt be data outside of the real line.
Chart description
Chart description
  1. I thought the explanatory variable was the union member percentage because it was explain why strikes increases, since there are more people joining
  2. The more members the more strikes that occur.
  3. My second scatterplot shows that over time less strikes have occured.
  4. Yes, they do relate because as time has gone on less strikes have broken out.
Chart description
Chart description
  1. The bar graph helps compare both the incomes of the governer and personal income in one year, 2010.
  1. there is a slight positive association, but not a strong one.
Chart description
  1. It seems that in the scatter plot, all the states seem to be pretty leveled as far as personal per capita income and govener salary. The governer's salary is defintely much higher, however.
  1. No, there is no data point that stands out.