MyProjectWelcome to my very first webpage that states about my major at UB, my personal interests,and my hobbies, etc.

About Me?

Nothing special, just a transfer student who graduated AA.S in Architect.
I always think myself that I love to design all kind of buildings, landscaping, and urban planning, etc.
However, when I have to do modeling on my own overnight, I start hate being an architecture student. I don't want to cut myself while I do modeling buildings, I don't want to see myself spending time in modeling workshop.
So when I transfer to UB I try to change my major to some sort of engineering. Because I love mathematics. But I found myself wrong again when I studied Calculus. Lol...
Then, I start thinking what career should I choose now and I realized that I love computer programming after I done a few project for CSE-111.
I'm thinking that whether I should change my major to Computer Software Engineer or not. Well, that is a little bit of myself who always complaint about studying.MyProject

Strange Name/ Hard to prounce it?

I knew that you will not able to pronounce my last name right. Unless I told you how. Well, I am from BURMA and my last name spell as Burmese way. Just silence "H" then you will get it right. A Bit Easier Now? WANT TO KNOW ABOUT BURMA?

What I do in free time?

Here is some of my schedule for free time.
  1. Swim
  2. 5 Mile Run
Interest & Hobby
Interest Hobby
Painting Shopping
Drawing Outdoor Sport
MyPainting This is an email link: E-mail me