Year Event Occured vs. Estimated Year Event Occured
  1. The Year the event occured is the explanitory variable in this data because it is the independant variable and it's amount doesn't depend on any other data. The estimated year the event occured is the response variable becasue it varied for everyone.
  2. The scatterplot would be a diagnal straight line and wouldn't be scattered becasue all the points on the chart would match up.
Strikes and Lockouts vs. Union Membership Percentage
  1. Strikes and lockouts was used as the explanatory variable because it doesn't depend on the other data.
  2. The amount of strikes and lockouts is dependant on the percentage of union members.
  3. This scatterplot depicts the relationship between strikes and lockouts against the percentage of union memeberships.
  4. The variable not associated which in this case is the "year" doesn't show much except the passage of time.
Per Capita Personal Income vs. Governor's Salary 2010 in $
Per Capita Personal Income vs. Governor's Salary 2010 in $ Scatter Plot
  1. This bar graph helps interpret the correlation between the per capita income and the governors income in 2010.
  2. There is not association between the two variables.
Governor's Salary 2010 in $ vs. Per Capita Personal Income
  1. There are no visible trends or associations in the data.
  2. There are not data points that stand out from the rest of the data.