What are my hobbies?


Science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Reading, movies, and attending conventions like Eeriecon and Gaylaxicon. I have never been to a Worldcon and unfortunately will not be able to make Philcon 2001.

Home Theater
And of course to enjoy these SFFH movies at home one has to have a home theater!
Home theater and music. I love home theater and especially like the quality of DVDs with Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS. I still like to go to movie theaters, and being rather picky about the picture and sound quality; driving a bit further for a "good" movie house is no problem at all for me. One of my previous part time jobs was as a freelance Lucasfilm reviewer. The TAP: Theater Alignment Program, offered to studios as a service by Lucasfilm, required us to view a feature film 3 times and report on the technical aspects of the presentation. Not the just the condition of the print, projector, screen, and sound system but also the cleanliness of the theater, attitudes of the staff, even misspellings on the marquee! The concept was to verify that the price you pay for the ticket ensures a top quality presentation of the film.

Photography, both film and digital. I am a long time Nikon 35mm camera user and even though I am a hobbyist, I have quite a bit of experience in nature and documentation photography. In 1998 I ventured into the world of digital photography primarily because the design work I do at UB required documentation and the film process was more expensive and took too long to turn around. Since the photos I take are almost exclusively server and web accessed, the digital solution seems more suited. I am on my second digital camera (technology just won't stand still, will it?) and am relearning how to photograph using the "features*" of DP.

Digital format converstion
Conversion of tape and LPs to digital format. In particular using Cool Edit Pro for signal processing in the 32 bit mode. Currently I burn these to CDR for my personal use. I hope to someday own my own professional record cleaning apparatus and laser LP turntable for transcription.

Analog tape and disk restoration
Restoration and digital conversion of old radio dramas (open reel) to CDR. I an\m and have been working on the WKBW Halloween night radio dramas from the early 1970s. Quite a great bit of acting and production value; to the credit of the old AM radio station. I presently convert the UB School of Management's weekly radio show (as heard on WBFO) to RealAudio format for S.O.M. online access.

I am a Betaphile; at least until my current Betamax VCRs bite the dust. Having a satellite/TIVO; I know the advantages over tape, and cannot wait until the recordable DVD units and mastering software (or a stand alone unit) are within my price range. Video tape, read that scotch tape with rust sprinkled on it, is amazing in that it works but it no longer makes the grade in my house.

Home Automation

I currently play around with Home Automation. My telephone, home lights, furnace, home theater, window blinds, and other household devices are controlled by my home automation system. I am working on automating my garden watering by determining when the soil requires water. None of my phones ring; instead I hear an annuncement through the house wide audio system of the name and number of the caller. CID blocked and private calls are routed to the answering device (which is also part of the home controller) and are not announced. It does many other neat things too!

A Roller Coaster enthusiast, but I am not currently affiliated with any Coaster group. My favorite park is Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio USA.

Co facilitator of the Annual Holiday Food Drive for AIDS Case Management of Niagara County (since 1990).

* In case you don't know me, or have not read the book It's not a Bug, it's a Feature; I call irritating little anomalies "features."

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