Winter In Buffalo

The cold does not stop!

This is my second school in Buffalo. Last year I attended Buffalo State as a journalism major. Clearly I love the snow or I wouldn't have picked another school that is in Buffalo. While the winters might be very cold sometimes, they are pretty, so what is a little frostbite if the area looks like this?
I picked a school in the snow because I find it to be so pretty and I could not stay away. I saw the falls frozen and it reminded me why I chose to transfer to another school in Buffalo. It is just so beautiful.
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For more information about Buffalo winters please go to Weather in Buffalo

This is my lab2, if you would like to see what my lab1 looks like you can go to Lindsay Marin's lab1

Buffalo is right below Canada in Western New York. While they are known for their cold winters, their summers tend to get very hot. Buffalo's winters can reach temperatures as low as -12 degrees.